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Our core business model revolves around helping guide consumers through complex technical decisions ranging from choosing the right internet service provider to setting up to configuring wireless routers and more.

To create the best resources we focus on working with legitimate experts to help build detailed consumer friendly guides and resources. Working with these experts has a cost and to cover these costs we have affiliate relationships and advertising relationships to help sustain and continue to build this site.

These advertising relationships don’t impact what we cover or which companies are listed. If a company truly has the best service then they’ll be listed and reviewed that way. In fact, we take steps to keep the experts and editors who write on High Speed Experts from knowing which companies have advertising programs so they don’t introduce any unintentional bias.

In short, we are able to build and maintain High Speed Experts by being a trusted advisor for consumers and businesses. Some of the products/services you see listed on this site may offer monetary incentives for sending them new customers but in no way do these incentives change or alter our selections.