How to Compare Internet Providers

Key factors
  • There's a lot to consider when choosing an Internet provider. From determining availability to understanding the performance quality, everything can seem a bit more complicated than it needs to be.
  • Having helped millions of people find the right ISP for their needs, we’ve boiled our ISP comparison guide down to 4 key steps.
  • Being educated about what you're buying is the best way to save money and get a service you'll enjoy.
Key steps to thoroughly compare
  1. Using our tool above, compile a list of all of the providers that have service in your area.
  2. Consider what factors are most important to you: Speed, Price, or Customer Service.
  3. Decide how much bandwidth you need and whether you need an “unlimited” plan.
  4. Contact your top pick to get one of the deals listed on our site.

If you're interested in specific comparisons, such as XFINITY vs AT&T, we’ve compared many providers head to head to help you make an informed decision.

On the Fence? Read Our Internet Service Reviews

Our team of IT experts have thoroughly tested and reviewed dozens of broadband Internet providers. In addition to hands-on testing, we conduct customer interviews to understand how service quality varies across the coverage area of every major Internet provider. Then, we evaluate performance claims against real-world records like speed tests and user-submitted reviews to see how each provider lives up to its marketing claims. Each provider review also contains helpful information for potential customers, such as equipment options and how to use the connection for streaming video.

  • We re-evaluate every Internet provider review biannually to ensure that it reflects the latest network and performance information. Speed graphs and maps are renewed on a monthly basis, and local plan data is updated every week.
  • Our team reviews Internet providers according to six key factors: Customer Service, User Rating, Available Speed, Technology, Availability, and Price.
  • Each of these service factors is baked into the intelligent coverage tool above, which displays internet providers by address.

Recommended Providers by City

We’ve crunched the numbers on Internet providers and broadband availability in every major US city. Explore the map below to see provider recommendations and coverage information about high speed Internet providers at your address.

CityTop PickBusiness Pick
Albuquerque, New MexicoXFINITYCenturyLink
Arlington, TexasCharter CommunicationsATT
Austin, TexasGoogle FiberRise Broadband
Bakersfield, CaliforniaCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Baltimore, MarylandXFINITYXFINITY
Boston, MassachusettsXFINITYXFINITY
Brooklyn, New YorkVerizon FiosCharter Communications
Buffalo, New YorkCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Charleston, South CarolinaWOW!WOW!
Charlotte, North CarolinaCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Chicago, IllinoisXFINITYATT
Cincinnati, OhioCincinnati BellCharter Communications
Colorado Springs, ColoradoXFINITYXFINITY
Columbus, OhioWOW!Charter Communications
Dallas, TexasATTCharter Communications
Dayton, OhioATTATT
El Paso, TexasCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Fort Lauderdale, FloridaXFINITYXFINITY
Fort Worth, TexasCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Gainesville, FloridaCox CommunicationsCox Communications
Grand Rapids, MichiganXFINITYATT
Houston, TexasXFINITYATT
Jacksonville, FloridaXFINITYXFINITY
Jersey City, New JerseyVerizon FiosXFINITY
Knoxville, TennesseeWOW!WOW!
Las Vegas, NevadaCox CommunicationsCox Communications
Lexington, KentuckyCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Long Beach, CaliforniaFrontier CommunicationsFrontier Communications
Los Angeles, CaliforniaCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Louisville, KentuckyCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Madison, WisconsinCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Memphis, TennesseeXFINITYXFINITY
Mesa, ArizonaCox CommunicationsCenturyLink
Miami, FloridaXFINITYATT
Milwaukee, WisconsinCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Minneapolis, MinnesotaXFINITYXFINITY
Nashville, TennesseeXFINITYXFINITY
New Orleans, LouisianaCox CommunicationsATT
New York, New YorkVerizon FiosStealth Communications
Oklahoma City, OklahomaCox CommunicationsRise Broadband
Orlando, FloridaCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaXFINITYXFINITY
Phoenix, ArizonaCox CommunicationsCox Communications
Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaVerizon FiosXFINITY
Plano, TexasCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Raleigh, North CarolinaCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Richmond, VirginiaVerizon FiosXFINITY
Rochester, New YorkCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Saint Louis, MissouriCharter CommunicationsCharter Communications
Salt Lake City, UtahVeracity NetworksXFINITY
San Antonio, TexasGrande CommunicationsCharter Communications
San Diego, CaliforniaCox CommunicationsCharter Communications
San Francisco, CaliforniaXFINITYXFINITY
San Jose, CaliforniaXFINITYXFINITY
Seattle, WashingtonXFINITYWave Broadband
Spokane, WashingtonXFINITYXFINITY
Tampa, FloridaFrontier CommunicationsCharter Communications
Virginia Beach, VirginiaVerizon FiosCox Communications

Side by Side Comparisons of Major Providers

Most consumers in the USA have two or three high speed Internet providers available at their address. If you’re comparing two providers for home Internet service, our comparisons make it easy to understand which is your best option. In the Internet provider comparisons below, our team has crunched the numbers on which providers are best for streaming Netflix and staying connected in busy modern households.

Recommended Articles

Confused about where to start when shopping for Internet service Consult our expert articles for guidance on which features matter when it comes to Internet in your area.

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Largest Internet Providers by Coverage Type

There are several good reasons to care about the size of a provider's network. Large providers don't always provide the best customer service, but they often have the latest upgrades and are convenient if you want to move. Here's a breakdown of the most prominent providers in the USA according to network type.

AT&T Internet282.12 Mbps
CenturyLink89.14 Mbps
Verizon High Speed Internet334.28 Mbps
MegaPath63.84 Mbps
Fusion26.08 Mbps
DigitalAgent80.15 Mbps
XFINITY from Comcast242.97 Mbps
Charter Spectrum213.35 Mbps
Cox Communications233.37 Mbps
Verizon Fios347.72 Mbps
Crown Castle Fiber131.15 Mbps
Silver Star Telecom29.48 Mbps
HughesNet37.99 Mbps
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)32.03 Mbps
X2nSat5.55 Mbps
Rise Broadband25.82 Mbps
One Ring Networks59.19 Mbps
CyberNet Communications86.21 Mbps
AT&T Wireless32.36 Mbps
Verizon Wireless41.97 Mbps
Sprint41.28 Mbps

Top 10 Fastest Internet Providers

According to the latest speed test data aggregated across the US, these are the top 10 fastest Internet providers in terms of real-world performance at customer addresses.

ProvidersFastest Speed
Stealth Communications6588.25 Mbps
BWTelcom542.4 Mbps
Ben Lomand Connect521.4 Mbps
Adams Networks514.76 Mbps
Zona Communications495.83 Mbps
CallTower492.85 Mbps
Greenlight Networks478.76 Mbps
Benton Communications477.57 Mbps
Skybest Communications467.14 Mbps
ACD.net466.2 Mbps