Thanks to their acquisition of DirecTV, AT&T offers some of the best-value “bundled” double-play and triple-play deals on the market.[1]

In areas where they offer fiber service, AT&T usually has the fastest affordable Internet in town, with speeds in the gigabit range.

For the rest of us, their DSL options are still workable for the average family home or apartment — and usually come at a discounted monthly price compared to cable alternatives.

Top AT&T Deals

Best Internet Only Plan

AT&T Internet Best Internet Only Plan

This AT&T Internet plan wins our recommendation for most households by combining Internet speeds that can handle streaming on multiple devices with a low monthly price.

Streaming over up to 5 devices in a single household should be no issue with this plan. The high data limit makes it a reasonable fit for customers who like to use video streaming services like Netflix or Sling. Customers who want even more video content can bundle with DirecTV for even more savings.

  • 50 Mbps download speeds
  • 1 TB data/month
  • Access to national hotspot network
  • Last updated 13 days ago.

    All Current AT&T Deals

    Below you’ll find a list of all of the AT&T deals we’ve recorded. There may be more available on their website or over the phone. The simplest way to check offers specific to your address is to call and ask a sales rep.

    DealsPrice MonthlyInternet SpeedPhone
    Best Internet Only Deal Best Internet Only Plan $4000 50 Mbps DSL(855) 435-4578
    U-verse TV & Internet $6500 50 Mbps DSL(855) 435-4578
    DIRECTV & Internet $6500 50 Mbps DSL(855) 435-4578
    Internet 1000 $8000 1,000 Mbps Fiber(855) 435-4578
    Internet 100 $6000 100 Mbps Fiber(855) 435-4578
    Internet 50 $4000 50 Mbps Fiber(855) 435-4578
    U-verse TV & Internet $6500 50 Mbps Fiber(855) 435-4578

    Who Should Consider AT&T U-Verse or AT&T Internet Deals?

    AT&T’s Internet offerings come in two flavors: fiber and DSL. DSL is by far the most prevalent option, and its main strength is wide availability. The speeds can’t compete with most cable and fiber Internet providers, but they do compete on budget and reliability.

    AT&T Pros and Cons


    • Excellent value on Internet + TV packages
    • Wide variety of budget plans
    • 450+ TV channels


    • Low maximum Internet speed in many areas
    • Add-on fees for HD, equipment, etc.
    • Data caps on most plans

    AT&T U-Verse vs DirecTV

    AT&T’s TV plans also come in two flavors, although they are expected to roll into the same “AT&T Entertainment” platform sometime in the next couple years.

    The only current difference between AT&T U-Verse digital TV and AT&T DirecTV satellite TV is that U-verse subscribers have exclusive access to the PAC-12 network, while DirecTV subscribers have exclusive access to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

    This discrepancy is expected to disappear once the two platforms roll into the same “AT&T Entertainment” brand name. In the long term, AT&T is striving to make their entertainment offerings available on any screen — whether by satellite, fiber, DSL, or otherwise.

    Essentially, AT&T makes the most sense for people who are:

    • Regular TV watchers and sports fans
    • Budget shoppers who only want Internet
    • Frequent landline phone users

    AT&T is not recommended for:

    • Cord cutters
    • TV-only subscribers
    • Home offices

    If you fit one of these categories, use our broadband search tool to see if there are any cable or fiber alternatives serving your address:

    Are AT&T Bundles Worth Buying?

    Short answer: yes. Customers who use their TV and/or landline phone on a daily basis will get a ton of value out of AT&T’s bundle plans. Internet-only customers should consider cable or fiber, unless they are shopping purely based on price.

    AT&T’s biggest drawback: Internet Speeds

    AT&T is predominantly a DSL provider, meaning that they deliver data via phone lines. In areas where they have Fiber to the Home (FTTH), gigabit speeds are the norm. In most states, less than 1–2% of customers fall into this lucky category.

    DSL speeds are comparable to cable, but usually max out under 25–75 Mbps. Upload speeds tend to be slower than cable, and certainly slower than fiber.

    AT&T’s DSL plans are good enough for regular use like Netflix, emailing, etc. They will be more challenging for intensive applications, such as video chatting on multiple devices or uploading video content to Twitch/Youtube/Facebook.

    How to Compare AT&T Deals

    AT&T excels at budget services and extensive TV channel packages. They fall short on a couple other points. Data caps and confusing promotion pricing are among these:

    Tip #1: Data Caps

    We found data caps, or “data plans,” attached to virtually all AT&T Internet plans. This can cause problems for cord cutters, streamers, and anyone else who uses the Internet intensively on a daily basis.

    Keep an eye on your data usage with AT&T, and consider a U-Verse or DirecTV Internet/TV bundle if your TV habit can’t fit in the data allowance they provide for Internet-only plans.

    Tip #2: Timed Promotion Fees

    The best pricing for AT&T comes with 2-year contracts on bundle plans. However, shoppers need to be aware that the price listed on the site isn’t the final price.

    Look closely, and you’ll notice that this pricing will time out after the first year. After that, you’ll likely be stuck paying a higher monthly price.

    Screenshot of AT&T sales page on July 12, 2017. Sales pages frequently change.

    The average of the promotional price and the final price is probably still cheaper than the alternatives, but be aware of that average cost while you compare providers.

    Where AT&T Shines: TV Options

    DIRECTV satellite dish
    AT&T’s DirecTV partnership gives customers discount access to exclusive programming like NFL Sunday Ticket.

    AT&T’s DirecTV acquisition has created some great bundle deals for Internet and TV users. DirecTV is widely regarded as one of the best traditional TV options in the US, as well as one of the most widely available thanks to satellite coverage.

    This makes TV options incredibly flexible, with 450+ channel options including sports packages, international content, and other specialized TV plans.

    Conclusion: Subscribe to AT&T if You Need Decent Internet and Great TV

    AT&T Internet probably won’t wow you on it’s own. Add in TV, however, and it’s a hard deal to beat.

    AT&T also has some of the more affordable unlimited phone plans on the market, making it a great choice for busy family households.

    Overall, AT&T U-verse is a great option if you are looking for moderately fast broadband speeds, a good selection of HD channels, and a price that won’t break your budget.


    INTERNET OFFERS REQUIRE 12 MONTH AGREEMENT. New approved residential customers only. Prorated ETF ($180) and Equipment Non-Return fees apply. Credit restrictions apply.1YR INTERNET OFFER: Price after bill credit for new residential customers. After 12 months, then prevailing monthly rate applies unless canceled by customer before end of promo period. Up to $99 installation fee applies.


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