• Comcast Xfinity and AT&T Internet are the main choices for home Internet in Atlanta, Georgia. Xfinity provides cable Internet and TV while AT&T provides DSL service.
  • Google Fiber is a recent addition to the mix as of 2017, building out their 100% fiber network in select areas.[1]
  • It’s expected that Google Fiber’s Arrival in Atlanta will pressure traditional cable and DSL providers to build out competing “gigabit” networks as they have in other high-competition areas.

Best Residential Internet Providers

Choosing residential Internet in Atlanta can be tricky since cable and DSL service quality varies widely from address to address. Taking overall reliability and average speeds into account, here’s our top two picks for Internet service in Atlanta.

Residential Internet Providers Available in Atlanta

Cable and DSL from Xfinity and AT&T are available almost universally in Atlanta. However, there are a variety of other providers, particularly in outlying neighborhoods where wired service is less prevalent or reliable. See below for our full rundown of every single provider offering service in Atlanta currently.

Keep in mind that some of these providers only offer service in select areas of the city, so you’ll have to check your address using our zip code availability tool to see which specific providers serve your neighborhood.

$4999+ 100%
(888) 387-7910
$3000+ 100%
(877) 255-5702
$3000+ 97%
(855) 435-4578
$2499+ 97%
(855) 436-3540
$4499+ 15%
(855) 837-8791
$3999+ 1%
(855) 436-5105

Best Business Internet Providers

Business Internet is a much more important decision than home Internet — something you know well if you’ve ever relied on VoIP or online sales to keep your revenue trending upwards.

With residential Internet, the price and value is much more important than reliability and uptime. With business Internet, we consider reliability much more carefully. Here’s our pick for the best business broadband plan currently available to most Atlanta businesses.

Business Internet Providers Available in Atlanta

Not every business fits the same mold, and while dedicated fiber gigabit connections are essential to some business models, others get by just fine on “budget” options. Here’s our full list of business providers available in Atlanta. Some of these are more niche than others — particularly when it comes to fixed wireless offerings — but it’s always good to know 100% of your options before you make a decision.

$6999+ 100%
(888) 387-7910
$9999+ 100%
(877) 255-5702
$5000+ 96%
(855) 435-4578
$6995+ 91%
(855) 436-3540
$7000+ 24%
(855) 837-8791
N/A 24%
(866) 424-5544
N/A 14%
(877) 757-5799
N/A 13%
(866) 226-4244
N/A 9%
(800) 421-3887
$5999+ 7%
(855) 436-5105

Map of Broadband Internet Competition in Atlanta

Like many cities in the US, most Atlanta residents find themselves choosing between two providers.

In Atlanta, it’s usually Xfinity vs AT&T. Google Fiber and some niche wireless providers are also available — take a look at the map below to get a big picture on broadband competition in your neighborhood.

Provider Competition Map


Atlanta Internet Speed Overview

The speed available at your residence in Atlanta ultimately depends on the network technology available there. Outside the select areas where fiber is available (offering gigabit speeds around 1,000 Mbps), cable and DSL providers offer speeds measured in the hundreds of megabit per second that are still surprisingly zippy.

Average Speed90th Percentile Speed
49.19 Mbps118.36 Mbps

Average Residential download speeds within Atlanta

Top Factors to Consider When Shopping for Internet Service in Atlanta

Data caps and complex promotional contracts are the two biggest problems we found with the Atlanta broadband market.

Data Caps

Xfinity and AT&T both impose data caps for Atlanta Internet plans. What does that mean for you? Mainly, it means you need to watch out if you are a “cord cutter,” do a lot of video streaming, or just generally use the Internet throughout the day and night.

Data caps are frequently advertised as “data plans” to make them sound less negative.

Regardless of your feelings towards data caps, they make dedicated TV service worth considering if you watch a lot of video content. Both Xfinity and AT&T offer bundled Internet/TV double play deals that deliver good value for frequent watchers.

Promotions and Contracts

The best monthly prices often come with a 1–2 year contract. The thing to watch out for here is the difference between the “promotional price” and the “final price.”

Often, you’ll pay significantly less for the first year of service, then find yourself locked into a higher monthly fee for a full year afterwards.

Many Atlanta Internet users have reported being able to call their provider and argue down the price after promotions run out — however, that can be a risky tactic considering you have to pay an early termination fee if they won’t play ball.

Local Information on Internet Access in Atlanta

When will Google Fiber be available in Atlanta?

Google Fiber is all the rage since they announced Atlanta as a buildout city for their fiber network. Unfortunately, Google started putting the brakes on fiber expansion almost as soon as they rolled out in select Atlanta neighborhoods.

They’ve assured customers that they’re in it for the long haul, however, and while expansion is slow they are still building outwards.

Google Fiber is currently available in the following Atlanta neighborhoods:

  • Avondale Estates
  • College Park
  • Brookhaven
  • Decatur
  • East Point
  • Hapeville
  • Sandy Springs
  • Smyrna

You can check if your address is available for Google Fiber using their address verification tool.

Pro-Broadband Initiatives in Atlanta

The city of Atlanta has been pursuing a “Smart City” program since 2015, working to connect physical infrastructure to the Internet, increase efficiencies in government services, and expand broadband access.[2]

Broadband Roadblocks in Atlanta

Atlanta’s local government has passed on the option of utilizing municipal broadband in underserved areas.[3] Following the failure of that bill, efforts to increase access for rural and underserved populations in and around Atlanta, Georgia have centered around increasing competition between private companies and encouraging wireless technologies.

Local Perspective

Atlanta is constantly cited as one of the most wired cities in the US — at least in the downtown area. This is what drew Google Fiber to the area, and it’s a fact that gives Atlanta residents high hopes for the future of a tech-friendly pro-Internet city.

We’ve reached out to local government officials and broadband specialists in the area to find out what they see down the road for broadband expansion in Atlanta. We will update this page when we’ve completed collecting their remarks.


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