Cox Communications has been offering some interesting deals for cable customers lately. Squeezes in the TV market seem to be encouraging them to price their Internet, TV, and phone options very competitively for customers willing to subscribe to multiple services.[1]

While their data caps can be frustrating for cord cutters, they’re well-priced for customers who prefer high-speed Internet and premium channels. Price shoppers should consider DSL alternatives. AT&T or Frontier’s Internet deals, for example, will appeal to budget shoppers.

We’ve scrutinized their current deals to bring only the best value bundles to the surface on this page.

Top Cox Communications Deals

Cox Internet Essential 30 — Best Internet-Only Deal

Cox Communications Cox Internet Essential 30 — Best Internet-Only Deal
Cox Internet Essential 30 is our top pick for Internet-only customers. The download rate of 30 Mbps doesn't look as flashy as gigabit fiber, but it delivers perfectly good performance for 99% of customers who just want a stable connection for streaming Netflix and YouTube. This plan can handle around 4 users maximum, and we suggest upgrading to a more robust speed if you have a large family or enjoy "techie" activities like livestreaming.

Cox Internet Essential 30 also comes with useful features like access to their public Wi-Fi network, which has over 500,000 hotspot locations around the US.
  • 30 Mbps download, 3 Mbps upload
  • Contract required
  • $9.99/mo. gateway rental fee
Expires June 30, 2018
Last updated 2 days ago.

Cox Bronze Bundle — Best Triple Play

Cox Communications Cox Bronze Bundle — Best Triple Play
The Bronze Bundle from Cox Cable is our top pick for households that need high-speed Internet, a flexible variety of channels, and basic home phone service. The Bronze tier includes 220 channels, 100 Mbps download speeds, and unlimited long distance calling.

The variety of entertainment options via Cox's Contour TV platform makes this deal particularly well-suited to family homes. Sports fans will enjoy the variety of sports packages available, both included and as add-ons.
  • 220 Channels via Contour Digital TV
  • 100 Mbps download rate
  • Free long distance calling
Expires June 30, 2018
Last updated 2 days ago.

Current Cox Communications Deals

Below you’ll find a list of the plans and promotions we’ve recorded for Cox Communications. Additional plans may be available online or by speaking with an agent.

DealsPrice MonthlyInternet SpeedPhone
Cox Bronze Bundle — Best Triple Play $8999 100 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
Cox Internet Essential 30 — Best Internet-Only Deal $3999 30 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
Cox Internet Starter 10 $2999 10 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
Cox Internet Gigablast $11999 1,000 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
30 Mbps + Contour Flex TV $5999 30 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
Cox Internet Preferred 100 $5999 100 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
Cox Internet Ultimate $7999 300 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
100 Mbps + Contour Flex TV $7999 100 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
300 Mbps + Contour Flex TV $9999 300 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
Cox Gold Bundle with Phone $12999 300 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
100 Mbps + Contour Flex TV + Phone Premier $8999 100 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
Cox Silver Bundle with Phone $10999 300 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203
Cox Silver Bundle with Gigablast and Phone $12999 1,000 Mbps Cable(855) 275-6203

When is a Cox Communications Internet deal the Best Option?

Cox’s cable network delivers above-average speeds for the wired broadband market, and they do so at a reasonable price thanks to increased competition in some of their shared service areas. (It may not appear cheaper on the surface, but the “final rates” you pay after the promo period are much more reasonable than the competition.)


  • 200+ Mbps speeds
  • Flexible bundle deals
  • Wide availability


  • Data caps
  • Add-on fees for tech support

Overall, the main demerit we found was Cox’s data cap policy, which is frustrating for cord cutters, gamers, home offices, and other “power users” who need all-day intensive connections. If you can’t live with the data limits, they do offer expanded packages for a premium price.[2]

The pricing is a little steeper than you might expect up front, but the price jump after the promo period isn’t nearly as steep as other cable providers we examined. This makes it a good deal for long-term customers who care more about the final price than the first year pricing.

Are Cox Communications Bundles Worth the Hype?

Cox’s bundles are a good deal for customers who appreciate the traditional TV setup: live channels and a best-in-class DVR. (As of this writing, their standard DVR has 2 Terabytes of storage, much higher than most companies offer.)[3]

Cox Communications’ biggest drawback: Expensive support

Cox charges per-visit for tech support, and customers report that they’re pretty inflexible about this policy. This can be a problem for customers who are less familiar with how to manage their home network and expect to be paying for installation and troubleshooting a couple times a year.

How to Compare Cox Communications Deals

Cox’s Internet and TV plans are the best deal for long-term customers, since the best prices come with contracts and the final cost jump is so much lower than the cable market norm. For budget shoppers, other ways to save include shaving off equipment fees and negotiating for extended promo rates.

Equipment Fees on Cox Internet Plans

Modems and routers leased directly from Cox will cost you $6–10 depending on which model you choose. Since Cox is best for long-term customers anyway, we recommend that you purchase a modem and router upfront and save a few hundred dollars over the course of your multi-year service term.

You can purchase directly from them when you sign up, or find the same makes and models recommended on a third-party site like Amazon or Best Buy.

Cox Cable DVR Options

DVRStorageTunersLease (varies regionally)
Cox 2 HD-DVR200 hrs HD2~$21.49/mo.
Cox 6 HD-DVR200 hrs HD6~$28.49/mo.

Cox offers two different DVR options, depending on your needs. The 2 HD-DVR allows for simultaneous recording of two shows at once and has 200 hours of built-in storage space. The 6 HD-DVR allows for six simultaneous recordings and features a larger 2 TB hard drive that enables up to 200 hours of HD recording time.

Between monthly equipment fees and the DVR service itself, these options will run you $21.49 for the smaller device and $28.49 for the larger version.

Above and beyond the standard play/pause/rewind functionality, both devices included with Cox include access to a mobile app that allows you to manage recordings, as well as watch them from anywhere.

Can Customers Negotiate with Cox About Rates?

Cox customers have reported success negotiating for extensions on their “promo pricing” after 12 months of paying their bills on time. At that point, the company knows you’re a valuable customer and will likely strike a deal with you if it means keeping you from jumping ship to another Internet provider. Just make sure there’s actually another option in your area (even if it’s DSL) and be aware of what the competing offers are when you call and talk to a Cox rep.

Where Cox Communications Shines: TV Bundles

Flat screen tv installed on the wall.
Cox offers the best value on double and triply play TV plans. Image Source: Unsplash

Cox’s Internet deals aren’t perfect for cord cutters, but they take steps to make up for it by pricing extensive TV channel packages into their core plans. Their “Contour” TV service is one of the better ones in their areas, including all the premium channels needed for a family home with multiple tastes to appease.

Conclusion: Cox is Best for Families and Long-Term Customers

Family homes will have the best experience with Cox since they can take maximum advantage of the bundled services like cable TV and digital phone.

Single subscribers or short-term residents will likely be happier with a budget deal from a competitor. For an idea of what that might be at your address, use the search tool at the bottom of this page.

Overall, Cox isn’t perfect, but their aggressive pricing on Internet and TV deals is worth taking a look at, especially in the suburban areas where their coaxial cable network is strongest.


Offer expires 6/30/2018 and is available to new residential Cox Internet customers in Cox service areas. Offer is only available for new subscriptions to Internet Essential 30 service. After promotion period, regular rates apply. See for current rates. Prices exclude installation/activation fees, equipment fees, inside wiring fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges and other fees. Internet speeds not guaranteed; actual speeds vary.  See for complete Cox Internet Disclosures. A credit check and/or deposit may be required. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Online orders only. Other restrictions may apply. Data usage in excess of plan may result in a $10 charge for up to 50 GB of additional data and for each additional 50 GB block. Unused data does not roll over. See for complete details.  Offer expires 6/30/2018 and is available to new residential customers in Cox service areas. Offer is only available for new subscriptions to Cox Contour TV, Internet Preferred 100 service, and Digital Telephone Premier. Bundle rate increases $20/month for months 13-24. Equipment fees extra. After promo period, regular rates apply.  See for current pricing. Prices exclude additional equipment charges, inside wiring fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges (including $4.00-$7.50/mo. video Broadcast Surcharge and Regional Sports Surcharge $2.60-$8.00/mo. depending on Cox market), and other fees. A Cox-provided CableCARD together with a certified compatible CableCARD retail device may be used in lieu of a digital receiver for video service; prices and feature availability may vary. A DOCSIS 3.0+ modem or higher is required to consistently receive optimal speeds for Essential 30 and higher tiers, and is strongly recommended for all other tiers. Uninterrupted or error-free Internet service, or the speed of your service, is not guaranteed. Actual speeds vary. See for complete Cox Internet Disclosures. Cox Extended International Calling Plan includes unlimited international calling to eligible countries listed at Plan minutes are limited to direct-dialed residential, non-commercial voice calls and require subscription to Cox for local, toll and state-to-state long distance service. Telephone modem provided; remains Cox property. Backup battery (not included) required for service, including access to e911 service, during power outage. You must monitor and replace the battery as needed ( Not all services and features available everywhere. A credit check and/or deposit may be required. Offer may not be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions. Online orders only. Other restrictions may apply.?


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