Frontier Communications offers some of the most appealing deals on DSL and fiber Internet plans currently on the market. Their fiber “FiOS” plans in particular have been attractively priced since Frontier acquired an extensive fiber footprint from Verizon in 2016.[1]

TV fans can a choose between Vantage TV, their digital IPTV service, or DISH, one of the top satellite providers in the US.[2]

We consider their mid-range plans to be a good deal thanks to their combination of unlimited data and reasonable long-term pricing.

Top Frontier Deals

Frontier Internet Plus — Best DSL Deal

Frontier Communications Frontier Internet Plus — Best DSL Deal
This plan is our top recommendation for an "entry-level" Internet-only plan. The 18 Mbps download speeds are available in most Frontier areas and provide enough bandwidth the handle basic streaming, gaming, and general browsing. In some areas they are even bundling in a free year of Amazon Prime, which has a surprisingly robust video library comparable to Netflix.
  • 18 Mbps download speed
  • 1.5 Mbps upload speed
  • Streaming-capable connection
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Frontier FiOS 75/75 Internet, Prime Video, and Voice – Best Triple Play

Frontier Communications Frontier FiOS 75/75 Internet, Prime Video, and Voice – Best Triple Play
The 75 Mbps Internet plan from FiOS is a practical pick for a mix of TV, streaming, gaming, and general Internet use in a household of up to six users. We give it top marks for combining solid upload speeds with 240 channels and reliable phone service for a price that's cheaper than basic cable in other areas.
  • 75 Mbps upload and downloads
  • Prime TV with 290+ channels
  • Fios digital voice service
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Complete List of Current Frontier Internet Deals

See the table below for a rundown of every current national offer we’ve collected from Frontier’s various sales channels:

DealsPrice MonthlyInternet SpeedPhone
Simply Internet Ultra $2500 12 Mbps DSL(844) 275-7738
Best Deal Frontier Internet Plus — Best DSL Deal $3000 18 Mbps DSL(844) 275-7738
FiOS 150M/150M Internet $4000 150 Mbps Fiber(844) 275-7738
FiOS 75M/75M Internet + FiOS Prime Prime TV $6500 75 Mbps Fiber(844) 275-7738
Best Triple Play Frontier FiOS 75/75 Internet, Prime Video, and Voice – Best Triple Play $7000 75 Mbps Fiber(844) 275-7738
FiOS 100M/100M Internet $3000 100 Mbps Fiber(844) 275-7738
FiOS 30M/30M Internet $2499 30 Mbps Fiber(844) 275-7738

When Is Frontier the Best Option for an Internet or TV Plan?

Frontier has two big “pros.” First, unlimited data — which makes them an excellent value for cord cutters who want to binge on Netflix and Hulu without worrying about overage fees.[3]


  • No data caps
  • Varied TV options
  • Reasonable final pricing after promotion period


  • Slower speeds in DSL areas
  • Pricier premium TV service
  • Customer service issues

Frontier is one of the last major wired broadband providers to offer unlimited data on all plans (regardless of video quality or network technology!).

Combine that with the mobile viewing options on their Vantage TV bundles, and it’s easy to see why Frontier is preferred by binge-watchers and sports junkies.

Frontier Internet/TV/Phone Bundles: Are They Worth the Money?

Internet-only Frontier Plans

Internet-only plans from Frontier Communications are overall a solid value thanks to their unlimited data policy. The speeds tend to be slower on their DSL network areas (closer to 15–30 Mbps rather than the 50–150 Mbps usually available in fiber “FiOS” areas). However, compared to competing cable networks, the reliability of performance on their DSL networks is strong and it’s more than enough to keep a household of streamers happy.

Internet + TV Frontier Plans

Frontier’s TV/Internet double play plans are a good deal for heavy TV watchers and entertainment-focussed families. However, they can be overkill for “the rest of us” since the pricing is on the steep side. Those of us who just want a basic TV plan with a few premium and sports channels should consider the DISH/Frontier package that bundles satellite TV service from DISH into your monthly bill. Compared to Vantage, their service has more flexibility on economy plans.

Internet + TV + Phone Frontier Plans

Frontier’s landline digital phone service is comparable to current offerings from other major cable, DSL, and fiber providers. That’s a good thing in our opinion, as phone service has improved dramatically across the board thanks to VoIP and Digital Voice options that enable futuristic features like unlimited long-distance calling.

How to Compare Frontier Deals

Frontier has a couple nice perks when it comes to contract options and installation options.

Tip #1: Contract vs Contract-Free

Frontier offers flexible month-to-month plans that are usually cheaper than their competitors. However, some customers we spoke to reported issues with confusion about whether they were on a contract or not — resulting in unwanted cancellation fees down the road. The lesson here is: don’t take phone reps at their word, and always verify the fine print of your service agreement within 30 days of signing up for service.

Tip #2: Installation options

Frontier bundles installation and some equipment fees with their Internet service. This is good news for the average user who would rather have a professional set up their home network rather than tweak it themselves.

Frontier’s Main Strength: Reliable, Uncapped Bandwidth

What Frontier lacks in customer service they make up for in the reliability of their Internet connections. Compared to a coaxial cable connection of the same speed (think Spectrum, Xfinity), Frontier delivers a reliable connection that won’t slow down dramatically during peak use hours.

Since this holds true for their rural DSL networks, we generally recommend them over satellite service — especially for streamers.

Conclusion: Frontier is a Premium Internet-Only Option

Overall, Frontier Communications is best suited to Internet-only customers and busy family homes.

Internet-only customers will appreciate the affordable prices, reliable speeds, and unlimited data policy.

Family homes will benefit from the huge range of channels on the Vantage TV platform and the capable, multi-room DVR setup.

If you’re still shopping around, take a look at our Xfinity deals and Charter Spectrum deals, or enter your address here to see other options for Internet service:


Offer Details: Limited-time offer for new Internet customers. Must subscribe to new High-Speed Internet service. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers on the same services. Service speed is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors. Maximum service speed is not available to all locations and service may not be available at certain speeds at your location. Your ability to stream may be limited by speeds available in your area. Service subject to availability. Installation and router fees may apply. Equipment delivery/handling fee applies. A $9.99 broadband processing fee upon disconnection of service applies. After 24-month promotional period, then-current everyday monthly price will apply to all services and equipment. Taxes, governmental and other Frontier-imposed surcharges apply. Frontier reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.


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