Grande Communications is a small but well-reviewed and expanding Internet provider in Texas. Their service is a mix of Fiber and Cable Internet. [1]

Grande Internet plans are often compared with Charter Spectrum and Verizon Fios. Customers give them strong reviews compared to other ISPs thanks to their fast download speeds, no-contract service, and local customer service.

Top Current Grande Communications Deals

Power 300 Internet

Grande Communications Power 300 Internet

The Power 300 Internet-only plan from Grande Communications is the best overall value for the average customer. The download speeds are up to 300 Mbps, more than enough to handle streaming and gaming on multiple devices. A household of 4–5 people shouldn't run into buffering issues, even when streaming HD or 4K video.

The current promotional rate for the Power 300 plan is $35.99/month. This rate times out after one year, so long-term customers can expect to see their bill go up 20% or so after twelve months. (This is standard for cable service.) The final price varies from area to area, so be sure to confirm the final price at your address when you sign up online or over the phone.

The upload speed of 20 Mbps isn't as strong as Fiber alternatives, but can handle the most common use cases like FaceTime and Skype, uploading videos to YouTube, etc. Uploading a 500MB file (five minute YouTube video, for example) would only take 3.5 minutes or so.

As with all Grande Communications deals, there is no data cap, so customers can stream as much video as they want without getting cut off — even if they don't subscribe to Grande's TV packages.

  • Unlimited data usage
  • No contracts
  • Whole-home Wi-Fi
Expires July 31, 2018
Last updated 14 days ago.

Grande Internet + TV Double Play

Grande Communications Grande Internet + TV Double Play

The Double Play 300 Internet + Basic TV plan is a strong choice for value-minded family homes throughout Texas. It makes the most sense for households that want to mix traditional and local TV with broadcast and local channels. Grande offers all the local channels as well as a selection or Cable TV channels in HD on this plan.

The only catch with this plan is that the national channels included are, as the title suggests, "basic." Premium channels like HBO, STARZ, and etc will cost extra monthly.

This plan uses Grande's TiVo DVR which makes it easy for those of us who aren't tech-friendly to skip between different types of video without juggling twelve different remotes.

For those who want a more expansive traditional Cable TV package, Grande has several tiers above the Basic TV option that can be bundled with 300 Mbps Internet for two-figure prices.

  • 300 Mbps download speed
  • 40+ HD channels including HD local channels
  • No contract
Last updated 14 days ago.

All Grande Communications Plans

DealsPrice MonthlyInternet SpeedPhone
Power 300 Internet $3599 300 Mbps Cable(844) 357-0942
Power 600 $4999 600 Mbps Cable(844) 357-0942
1 Gig Internet $6999 1,000 Mbps Cable(844) 357-0942
Grande Internet + TV Double Play $5999 300 Mbps Cable(844) 357-0942

Grande Communications has the most service in areas like Austin and Dallas that already have strong Cable and Fiber Internet providers like Google Fiber. This is good for customers because high-competition areas tend to offer faster speeds at lower prices.

Keep in mind that the pricing advertised and listed online is usually a “promotional price” that will rise by some percent after the first year. This is a common tactic for tempting new customers to switch, and used by virtually all Internet providers.


  • Gigabit speeds in some cities
  • Unlimited streaming
  • High customer service ratings


  • No locked-in price plans
  • Equipment fees for router/DVRs

Is Grande Communications Good for Streaming?

TV in living room.
Grande Communications is a common pick for Internet-only “cord cutters” since they have 300+ Mbps download speeds and are free of data caps.

Grande’s unlimited data policy is friendly to customers who plan to get their TV from “cord cutter” services like Netflix, Hulu, Roku, and etc. Even on their slower Cable networks, the download speeds trend into the hundreds of megabits per second, which is more than enough to handle HD and 4K streams on at least a couple screens in your home.

Grande also offers a variety of TV plans, which use TiVo DVRs to deliver a “smart TV” experience and a library of on-demand content. [2]

Grande Communications Wi-Fi Options

Most Cable companies use the cheapest router they can get away with charging you $10/month for. Grande still charges a monthly fee, but they up the bar by offering more modern Wi-Fi routers like Eero’s whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system. [3] Newer Wi-Fi routers like this are designed to be much easier to use and understand for non-technical customers.

That said, Grande customers can also opt to purchase their own router and save on the monthly fee. Assuming a router fee that’s around $10/month, a multi-year customer can save a few hundred dollars over a 2+ year service period.

The only catch is that you don’t get hardware upgrades and technical support built in, so customers who don’t consider themselves “tech-friendly” should consider simply renting the default equipment provided by Grande Communications.

Grande Communications TV Services and TiVo DVR

TiVo is the default DVR choice for Grande communications and can be set up to provide a whole-home TV experience on multiple screens and devices. The TiVo is a good choice for families and sports fans who want to access traditional Cable TV channels as well as Netflix/Hulu/etc in one interface.

Grande also has an on-demand library accessible to TV customers, so you can get recent blockbuster releases on-demand. However, this is less of a Netflix clone (think Xfinity X1) and more of a rotating carousel of a couple dozen recent releases. It’s a nice perk but not really a full “on demand library” in the sense of dedicated services like Hulu.

Grande2Go Mobile TV

The Grande2Go app lets customers watch TV from phones and tablets on any Internet connection outside your home network. It’s a decent perk for traveling and, as with most of Grande’s TV features, makes the most sense for large households (families, housemates, etc).

Grande Communications: the Local Option

Laptop in apartment.
Grande Communications has earned strong ratings compared to other cable providers through local, friendly customer support.

The thing that’s most unique about Grande Communications, at the end of the day, is their local customer service experience. That isn’t always perfect, however, since as with any small business they sometimes have trouble balancing the demand for technical and phone support. Customer ratings are high compared to other providers, but some customers have complained about issues with getting through to service quickly. Once you do, the service staff is local and knowledgeable.

Overall, we’d recommend Grande Communications for any customer who’s tired of “Big Cable.” The low starting price makes it easy to test out, and if the price rises over multiple years you can always call in and request a new promotion. In our experience, they will often work with long-term customers looking to reduce their bills.

If you aren’t sure what other options might be available at your address, use the tool below to compare Grande Communications to other internet providers in your area:


*Internet download speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Observed speeds may vary based on device, connection, and other factors outside of Grande's control. Offer expires 07-31-2018. Price shown will apply for 12 months. At the end of your promotional period, or if any service is cancelled or downgraded, regular rates apply. Monthly offer rates subject to equipment charges, installation fees, applicable surcharges, franchise fees and taxes, and are not included in the price. Modem and additional equipment, services or features are not included in the promotional offer and are subject to change. To qualify for the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee you must be a new residential customer and cancel service within 30 days of installation. The total maximum amount that will be refunded or credited will be equal to one month’s monthly recurring service fee of services and equipment concurrently ordered and installed. Any refund or credit will be made within 60 days after all conditions are satisfied. A credit check and/or deposit may be required. Not valid with any other offer and may not be transferred or redeemed for cash. Other restrictions may apply. ©2018 Grande Communications Networks, LLC. All rights reserved. See our online disclosures at for more information about the service offered in your area.


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