Most people despise negotiating. So they look for advice on how to do it. Unfortunately, most of the advice you get suggests you must be mean and nasty to get what you want. That is simply not the case. It is possible to be polite and still get what you want.

The #1 Biggest Mistake in negotiating is to start the conversation by being confrontational. While some people suggest this, it is simply because they want the shortest way to escalate their demands.

The problem with this approach is that you are creating a hostile environment. Ask yourself this: Would YOU be willing to give someone what they want if they are combative and disrespectful right off the bat?

There’s a better way. Instead of starting out with your fists clenched ready for a fight, try killing them with kindness. Think of what it their job is like for them every day: How many people call them and immediately scream , insult, or attack them? Most of their calls come from angry customers. They probably get very few calls from calm, polite customers—if any.Now how many calls do they get where the customer is polite? Very few, if any. If you were them, who would you rather help?

So Where Do You Start to Save on Comcast Internet?

Negotiating is rather simple if you know what to do.

    1. Be Informed. The first step is to gather information. Before you pick up the phone or start your online chat, research your options. Find the most recent special offers on Xfinity. Then research the competition’s offers, if any.
    2. Call. Now that you have some ammunition, call Comcast Customer Service with your account information handy. When they answer, politely explain that you can’t afford your new bill. Then ask if there is anything they can do to lower your bill.

Once you ask, keep quiet. Don’t say anything more…just listen. If you have been polite, you should at least get a polite response. Even if they say they can’t help you, they probably won’t be rude to you. If they say they will try to help, give them the chance to do so.

  1. Listen. Before you react, listen to their solutions. They may lower your bill in a way that you never anticipated. Be open-minded to options you haven’t considered.
  2. Decide. Once they make their offer, you need to decide whether it is acceptable. If it works for you, take the deal. If not, you’ll have other options (we’ll get to those soon).

Remember, no matter what, you should remain calm. Even if they offer no discounts, you still have options to successfully negotiate a lower Xfinity bill.

Keep in Mind:

  • You have not yet used your ammunition. Save your research information in case you need to be transferred to a manager or a different department.
  • Comcast/Xfinity Agents may or may not attempt to help you. As we discussed earlier, Comcast does not have the best reputation for customer service. Do not get flustered if they refuse to help.
  • Account Verification is actually a federal requirement. Agents MUST verify that it is really you on the other end of the line. Plus, they will have access to your account history, how long you have been a customer, and whether you are still in a contract.
  • Customer Service Agents usually have only a certain level of autonomy to make offers, but once your demands exceed their authority, they will need to transfer you. With Comcast they may not offer to transfer; you might have to ask yourself.

So What Happens If Comcast Customer Service Refuses to Help Reduce your Xfinity Bill?

Good news! Even if Comcast initially refuses to help, you are still in the driver’s seat. You haven’t threatened or screamed at the agents, so you still can transfer your call.

Ask to speak to a manager. When you escalate the call to a manager, you may be able to negotiate a better deal. This is a good place to discuss Comcast’s current promotions.

If the manager still does not satisfy your demands, you have one final option while on the phone:

Ask for one more final transfer. If you don’t like the manager’s solution, have them transfer your call to their Customer Solutions Department. This is Comcast’s customer retention department, also known as their Cancellation Department. This is a good place to identify the competition’s offers and ask Comcast to beat them.

YOU: I think I need to cancel my service. I simply cannot afford my new bill. Is there anything you can do to help me?
COMCAST: What were you thinking?
YOU: My previous bill was $80. Now it’s over $120. I saw that Spectrum was having a special where I can get a package like my previous one for $69.99. Can you beat that?
COMCAST: I’ll see what I can do.

If you are still not satisfied, you can always…

Cancel. If you have other options in your area for internet service, do your research and see if you can get a better deal with them.

Creative Solutions on How to Save on Comcast Internet

If negotiating with Comcast doesn’t lower your bill, here are two creative ways you can still lower your bill:

    1. Purchase Equipment. Comcast regularly increases equipment fees. If you invest in your own modem and router, you can save enough in the first year to offset the initial cost. Then you have your own equipment AND a lower bill. Our guide can help you find the best Comcast routers.
    2. Streaming. Streaming services allow customers with high cable bills to save money by signing up. If you drop your high-priced cable bill down to the most basic service and add a streaming channel, the savings may offset the higher internet bill.
    3. Bundling. Comcast offers internet, cable and phone options. If you bundle your services, you will often get lower rates.

Time to put your knowledge into action!

Call Comcast at 800-934-6489

Did you negotiate with Comcast? We would love to hear from you! Let us know of your experience so we can keep refining our approach.

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