Mediacom isn’t a big name outside their relatively small service area, but their speed and reliability is just as good as big names like Comcast and Charter, if not better.

Their offerings include some add-ons that tip the scales. Especially for those of us considering a DSL alternative, their bundled plans are hard to argue with.

We’ve combed the Internet for the best deals on Mediacom plans, and talked to company representatives to figure out exactly why they’re worth considering.

Top Mediacom Cable Deals

Internet 60 — Best Internet-Only Deal

Mediacom Cable Internet 60 — Best Internet-Only Deal
Internet 60 offers the best of Mediacom's network at a surprisingly reasonable monthly price. The download speeds are more than enough to handle intensive uses like streaming Netflix or chatting on Skype, as well as casual gaming.
  • 60 Mbps download speeds
  • 5 Mbps upload speeds
  • 400 GB data cap
Expires September 21, 2019
Last updated 7 days ago.

All Current Mediacom Cable Deals

Below you’ll find a list of all of the deals from Mediacom that we’ve collected. More may be available online or via speaking with a sales agent over the phone.

DealsPrice MonthlyInternet SpeedPhone
Internet 60 — Best Internet-Only Deal $3999 60 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
60 Mbps + Family TV with Box $7998 60 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
Xtream Silver 100 $9998 100 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
100 Mbps $4999 100 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
200 Mbps $5999 200 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
500 Mbps $6999 500 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
1,000 Mbps $7999 1,000 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
60 Mbps + Family TV + Phone $7998 60 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
100 Mbps + Family TV $9998 100 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
200 Mbps + Family TV $10998 200 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
500 Mbps + Family TV $11998 500 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
1,000 Mbps + Family TV $12998 1,000 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
Xtream Silver 200 $10998 200 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
Xtream Silver 500 $11998 500 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373
Xtream Silver 1 Gigabit $12998 1,000 Mbps Cable(855) 457-8373

When is a Mediacom Cable Internet deal the Best Option?

Mediacom Cable frequently competes with DSL providers like AT&T. While they can’t hold a candle to the speed of pure fiber networks, Mediacom is almost always a step up from traditional DSL.


  • Download speeds from 100–1,000 Mbp
  • Cable TV bundle deal
  • 90-day satisfaction guarante


  • Slow upload speed
  • Limited TV flexibility
  • Limited availability

Overall, Mediacom is best for customers who want to combine TV and Internet for one price. It’s also ideal for those who enjoy traditional live cable TV news, sports, and etc. Some customers will still prefer the flexibility and features of satellite TV options like DirecTV or DISH TV. Despite this, the savings from bundling make Mediacom the better package price-wise.

Customers we spoke to used Mediacom for family homes, home offices, and gaming. The sentiment overall was that Mediacom delivered reliable service that exceeded expectations for basic cable. The main complaints were related to upload speeds on some plans, which were limiting for intensive real-time use cases like streaming on Twitch or multi-player gaming. Latency reports were normal for cable, and much better than DSL alternatives.

Are Mediacom Cable Bundles Worth Buying?

Mediacom’s bundled plans follow the industry standard: Internet and cable TV for a reduced price, or a “triple play” phone/TV/Internet plan for even bigger savings.

Their TV service doesn’t offer the same level of premium and sports channel support as some of their competitors, but the price on basic channels with a few premium add ons (HBO, NFL, etc) is a good fit for the average subscriber.

NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, FOX College Sports, and most other major sports channels are available as add-on packages with their TV service.

Their digital home phone service includes unlimited nationwide calling, as is standard for digital phone deals from wired telecom companies these days.

Mediacom Cable’s biggest drawback: Availability

For those of us who move around every year or two, Mediacom’s limited national availability can be a drawback. (Particularly if you like to own your own home networking equipment, which varies from provider to provider so far as compatibility.)

Mediacom Cable Coverage & Availability Map


Where Mediacom Cable Shines: Speed and Reliability

Mediacom offers a lot of flexibility on speeds, with some areas having download options in the gigabit range.[1]

These connections don’t usually offer the same upload speeds as competing fiber providers. To be fair, though, the 20 Mbps upload is good enough for all kinds of intensive real-time use, including gaming and video conferencing.

The only drawback here is that it comes at a price — more than twice the cost of the average fiber connection in similar speed ranges, and requiring a multi-year contract to cover the installation costs on Mediacom’s side.

Comparing Mediacom Cable Deals

We found a couple common pricing tactics used on Mediacom Internet plans worth keeping an eye out for: Equipment rental fees and contract pricing.

Mediacom Equipment Rental Fees

Mediacom prefers that you lease equipment directly from them, and this is actually a better deal for short-term customers or those who prefer to have a technician handle setting up and maintaining their home network.

For long-term customers and those who want more advanced features, it’s better to save the monthly fee and purchase your own equipment instead. Mediacom clearly lists the requirements for third-party modems and routers on their website.

Mediacom Cable Contract Pricing

Like most cable providers, Mediacom often creates sign-up incentives for new customers by dropping the rate for a 12-month period. After that, you get bumped up to the regular rate, which is usually around 20% higher than the promotional rate.

If you’re signing a multi-year contract, just be sure to average out your monthly rate over the entire service period to make sure you’re getting the deal you think you are.

Mediacom DVR options

MediaCom provides TiVo DVR’s in all of its Xtream service plans, though specific technical specs are not provided on the company’s website. The top-tier offering can record up to 1 TB worth of content, including the ability to record up to six episodes at the same time. Multi-room service is listed at $19.95, whereas single-room service is $14.95.

The Xtream TV app allows for you to manage and schedule recordings on the go, as well as stream live channels and recorded content to an Android or iOS device.

DVRStorageTunersLease (May Vary)
ULTRA TiVo Whole-home DVRUp to 100 hrs HDUp to 6~$14.95–19.95/mo.

Conclusion: Mediacom is better than your average cable company

Cable companies aren’t usually well-liked in the US, but Mediacom is an exception to the rule. We found that customers were overall happy with their service, especially compared to some of the more impersonally cable corporations.

The speeds are good enough for most users, and the pricing on TV bundles provides good value — particularly for family homes that need a little bit of everything from sports to children’s programming.

If the pricing is too high for your situation, you’re probably looking at DSL as an alternative. Make sure to find out if you have a “plan B” is, and check out the competition. Thanks to Mediacom’s 60-day satisfaction guarantee, you can always switch if you don’t like it after all.


Plus, activation, installation and monthly modem rental fees.


Jessica Sims

Jessica Sims

Jessica Sims is a technology blogger and broadband industry veteran. Her background as an administrator and customer support employee for a major ISP informs her passion for helping consumers understand their service options.

Questions & Answers


Does Mediacom offer special deals or promotions to existing customers?

Unfortunately, like most providers, Mediacom deals and promotions are offered to new customers only. You can try to reach out to Mediacom and negotiate your bill. Check our guide on bill negotiation to know what steps to take.

Does Mediacom offer basic cable plans with no internet? What are the costs?

Mediacom offers internet-only plans but we are not aware of any TV-only plans. You can always try to call Mediacom at 1-800-883-0145 and confirm with the provider directly if they have any options.

Does Mediacom have UHD or 4K channels?

Currently, Mediacom only supports HD channels using their HD Digital Adapter. 4K support hasn’t rolled out as of this posting, but check with a Mediacom rep directly before making a choice since the TV market is evolving quickly.

Does Mediacom support HD channels?

Currently, Mediacom only supports HD channels using their HD Digital Adapter. Here’s a guide to setting up their HD Digital Adapter on the Mediacom site. This equipment will allow you to receive your Local Plus and Family TV channels in high definition on an HDTV.

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