Let’s face it; if you have ever signed up for internet service, you were probably lured in by a low introductory price. Before you know it, that low price starts creeping upward. One day you look at your bill and realize that your rate has spiked. You don’t want to pay the higher price, so you angrily call Frontier and threaten the voice on the other end.

But should anger and threats be your first step when negotiating a deal for a lower internet price? No. In fact, that should be your last step when trying to lower your bill.

Deals for Existing Frontier Customers: What you Need to Prepare

  1. Does Frontier have competition in my area?
  2. Frontier often places itself in communities where they are the only option for internet service. Researching local competition is important. If you have no other internet options, picking up the phone while frothing at the mouth will likely do more harm than good and will result in Frontier agents ignoring your seemingly empty threats. After all, do you think you are the first angry customer they have dealt with today?

  3. If there is competition, what are they offering?
  4. This also requires some research, but just 15 minutes could give you the ammunition necessary to lower your internet bill. When you know what your options are and can readily provide this information to the Frontier agent, they will know you are educated and ready to make a decision.

    (One important thing to remember: make sure you compare apples-to-apples. Internet prices fluctuate based on download speeds and other factors. Make sure the internet deal information you quote is accurate; sales agents often research the competition. If you give them false information, you can guarantee they won’t want to help you save).

  5. What is your goal?
  6. Obviously, your end goal is to get a lower internet price. However, if you have done your research, your end goal might be more than just a lower monthly internet bill. Have you been unhappy with Frontier’s service? Do you want higher speeds? If you have other internet service provider options, you have some leverage to negotiate for more than just a price drop.

How Low Can You Go: Saving on Your Frontier Bill

Once you have answered these three questions, you are ready to negotiate. If you are like most people, you probably hate dealing with salespeople. But don’t worry; if you have done your research, negotiating is easy. Just pick up the phone, call Frontier, and follow these simple steps to get your best internet D.E.A.L.S.:

Step 1: Describe: Start your negotiation by describing your problem in detail. Use facts, such as your original contract price vs. your current price. This is also a good place to discuss your account history (especially if you have been a loyal customer who has consistently paid on time).

Step 2: Expect: After describing your problem, here are the three things you can expect:

  • Empathetic response: Agents will attempt to get on your side. That’s their job. Don’t get too caught up in their initial warm response or give up simply because they are “so nice.”
  • Account Verification: Yes, they need to verify who they are speaking or chatting with…it’s a federal requirement. This also gives them an opportunity to check the notes and see what kind of customer they are dealing with. Are you always calling in with problems? Do you pay on time? How long have you been a customer?
  • Initial offer to help: After you get the empathetic response and verify your account, the agent will usually make a blanket statement letting you know they will see what they can do to help. Agents usually have a certain level of autonomy to make offers, but once your demands supercede their ability, they will need to transfer you. Do not be surprised if you are transferred or if a supervisor joins the conversation.

Step 3: Ask for the moon: Most people are afraid to ask for everything they want, but when you are negotiating, you need to start by asking for everything you want. Why? Well, two reasons: 1) What if they actually say yes? How do you know what is “too much” if you don’t ask for your perfect solution? 2) No matter what you ask for, they will most likely talk you lower anyway. If you merely ask for the bare minimum of what you want, then they will still offer you lower. After all, their job is to minimize losses and make as much money as possible. Your job is to know what your maximums and minimums are, and negotiate somewhere in between without ever revealing what your actual minimum is.

Step 4: Listen to understand: Most people do not listen to understand, they listen to respond. This is where most of the emotional attacks start. The minute customers don’t get exactly what they want, the listening stops and their emotions kick in. When the agent counters your offer, truly listen to what is being offered. While it may not be exactly what you envisioned, you still might be getting a lower price than you are currently paying. Be willing to accept “creative” solutions that you may not have considered, including lower internet speeds, bundling, or even entering into a contract, if necessary. If you don’t get everything you want, don’t yell at the agent. This will only make you less likely to get what you want.

Step 5: Solution: Once you have listened to the agent’s offer, you need to determine what your best solution will be. You may like the deal that Frontier is offering, or you may decide to leave. Either way, this is just business. Some companies have rules and policies that may not be consumer friendly, at least in our eyes. Most of the time, however, you have options and can simply choose a competitor.

Will Frontier Really Work with Me?

Frontier does have a reputation for being tough on its existing customers. They often tie the address, and not the customer’s name, to special promotions so spouses can’t sign up right after a special promotion has lapsed.

Many customers vent their frustrations about rising prices, but Frontier does offer some ways to lower your internet bill:

  • Bundles: You can get lower prices by bundling internet with TV and/or phone service.
  • Discount Programs: Frontier has several discount programs that could potentially save you money.
  • Reducing Internet Speed: If you are not streaming or gaming, you may be able to lower your bill by having a lower internet download speed.
  • Buy Your Own Router: Frontier’s broadband router fee is $10/mo. If you purchase your own router, you could save $120/yr. on your internet bill!

    If Frontier is unwilling to meet your demands, you can always cancel Frontier. If they are the only provider in your area, you have to determine how long you can go without their service before you cancel. Frontier will not sign you back up on a promotional plan unless you have not been a customer for 30-60 days.

    If there are competitors in your area, you can sign up and try their services instead. Who knows? You may actually prefer them. If not, you can always contact Frontier and reinstate your services.

    What Are You Waiting For? Call and Try to Save on Frontier Internet

    Now that you have the information necessary to negotiate the lowest price on your internet service, the ball is in your court. If you want to lower your bill, you have to take the first step.

    Call Frontier at 1.800.921.8101.

    Did you negotiate with Frontier? We would love to hear from you! Let us know of your experience so we can keep refining our approach.

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