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If you’ve been watching your RCN internet bill go up month after month, it’s time to do something about it because — newsflash: internet bills don’t go down on their own.

The good news is that we have RCN negotiation all figured out. With minimal effort on your part, you should be able to lower your internet bill with RCN.

RCN Deals for Existing Customers? Avoid Arbitrary Rates

After some investigation, we found that customers all over the east coast are paying what seem like arbitrary rates.

For instance:

  • One customer pays $80 for a 155 Mbps connection while other customers are paying the same amount for much faster gigabit speeds.
  • Some customers are paying $50 for those same 155 Mbps speeds while others are paying ten dollars less for internet almost twice as fast.

In fact, if you look at RCN’s website and choose between their serviced locations, you’ll find that the speeds offered as well as the prices for those speeds vary wildly.

  • If you live in Chicago, RCN offers gigabit speeds for $60; if you live in the DC Metro area, you can get the same speed for $10 less a month.
  • In Lehigh Valley, RCN offers 500 Mbps for $55 while New York City prices are $20 lower per month for the same speed.

At first we thought, “well, that seems unfair!” but now we see that it’s actually a benefit for you.

Think about it: if everyone is already paying random prices, RCN should be more flexible when it comes to your rate.

Let’s get down to how you can try to negotiate your rate with RCN. Think of these methods as three steps. If the first doesn’t work, move to the second, and so on.

1. Good Old Fashioned Negotiation to Save on RCN Internet

Before you begin negotiation of any kind, you need to do your research.

This means gathering pertinent information:

  • Have your last bill in hand before you make the call.
  • Research the prices of all major competitors that service your area. You can use those competitors as leverage.
  • Check out the current deals and promotions for RCN as a reference point.
  • If you’ve never made a late payment or you’ve been a customer for a long time, remember to bring that up.

Once you’ve finished your preparation, it’s time to negotiate a better monthly internet price.

You have a couple of options here. Some customers have had success by merely messaging RCN through their Facebook page.

Of course, if that doesn’t work out, we recommend giving them a call.

Once you get a live person on the line, you can start out with something like this:

“Hello, how are you doing today?”
(Listen to what they have to say)
“I’m happy to hear that/I’m sorry to hear that.”

This sets a friendly tone between you and the representative. It’s a good step because you can imagine that the majority of their callers aren’t in a great mood. The rep is much more likely to want to help you if you’re friendly.

Remember: they don’t have to help you find a great deal. So, make them want to.

Kindly, yet firmly, let them know that you believe you are paying too much for your internet bill and you would like to know what promotions they have available for you.

At this point they probably won’t offer you anything, but since you’ve done your research, you can turn up the heat.

Hit them with these convincing arguments that have seen success for other customers:

  • “I know that you are offering rates such as (list new customer rates in your area) to new customers, so why am I, a loyal long-time customer who has never made a late payment, paying more than them?”
  • “[Local competitor] is offering me (tell them the lower price that is being offered), what can you offer me to keep my business?”
  • After trying the above arguments, you may have succeeded in getting a new lower price. But unless you are genuinely satisfied and want to settle, there’s a good chance you can get an even better price with RCN with a little more negotiation.

    If you still aren’t satisfied with their new offer, tell them.

    You can kindly, yet firmly, express to the RCN rep that even the new deal isn’t good enough. This may get them to lower it again, but if it doesn’t, you still have two other options.

    2. HUCA — Hang Up, Call (RCN) Again

    If the above strategy doesn’t work, you can simply HUCA — that is — hang up and call again.

    Whether or not you get a good deal largely depends on who you are speaking to. One representative might give you a great deal right away while another rep will tell you that you’re out of luck.

    Hang up, give them a call back, and try again!.

    Of course, calling, negotiating, failing, calling again, and failing again can be depressing. So, if you think it’s too much work, you can just skip to option 3 below for the easiest way to lower your bill with RCN.

    3. Cancel Your RCN Internet Service And Wait For a Call Back

    Tell RCN to cancel your service.

    It’s as simple as that. This is the fastest and easiest way that other customers have attained a lower bill.

    At this point, the service representative with RCN will be their most “crafty” at finding you a better deal.

    On the other hand, they may simply let you cancel your service.

    If this is the case, take these steps:

    1. Tell the rep to have your services cut off 3-4 weeks from the day of your call.
    2. Wait for a call back in 1-2 weeks from a retention specialist offering you much better deals.

    A specialist will undoubtedly call you back — just have patience. Many customers have done this before.

    In all honesty, this should be the final step. RCN doesn’t want to lose a single customer to a competitor if they can help it. However, if all else fails, there’s a backup plan.

    The Backup Plan to reduce your RCN bill

    If no amount of negotiation has been able to help your case, you have one final option:

    Canceling your service and restarting it in the name of a roommate or spouse.

    We highly doubt it will come to this, but if it does, it’s simple, easy, and more-or-less fail-safe.

    As long as you have a roommate, you can simply cancel RCN and have your roommate open a new account. They will automatically get the new-customer rate. Once their bill starts to go up, just do it again in your name.

    Warning: Doing this could be risky. It’s against RCN’s terms and could get your services terminated. One customer took the safe route and asked the RCN representative if he could get the new-customer rate by switching the owner of the account to his wife. It worked.

    Bonus Round

    If you don’t have a roommate or negotiation isn’t going your way, you can still reduce your bill.

    If you have a cable package with RCN, you can save more on your monthly bill by ‘cutting the cord’ and getting rid of cable.

    This isn’t a bad idea, especially since online alternatives to cable are only getting better and more abundant with time. Start using DirecTV, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube TV, or another similar streaming service.

    Step-By-Step Recap: How to Save on RCN Internet

    If you want to take the long route to ensure your savings, you can follow this guide from start to finish. On the other hand, if you want the fastest results, skip to step five.

    Step one: Do your research on competitors that service your area.

    Step two: Give RCN a call at +1 800-746-4726 with your most recent bill in hand.

    Step three: Explain your case. Tell them that you are a long-time loyal customer who’s never missed a payment and that you don’t deserve to be paying ‘x’ more than a new customer. Tell them that ‘x’ competitor has a better deal and ask them what they will do to keep you as a customer.

    There’s a good chance that this will get you what you want. If not, it’s time for step 4.

    Step four: HUCA — Hang up and call again. If you didn’t have any luck with “step 3” the first time, just try again.

    If HUCA doesn’t work, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

    Step five: Ask the representative to cancel your service 3-4 weeks out from the day of your call. This will either cause them to buckle or someone else will call you back in a week or two. This approach takes some patience.

    Step six: This is your last chance. Cancel your service and restart in the name of a roommate or spouse. Do this every year as your bill increases, but be careful — your service could get terminated.

    Now you’re ready to take on RCN!

    If you have failed or succeeded at lowering your rates with RCN, we want to hear from you! Let us know of your experience so that we can learn from it and make our approach even better.

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