Deals for existing Windstream customers: What to Do Before You Call

Before you call, sit down and calculate how much you’re spending on Windstream service on an annual basis. Write down that figure and keep it next to you. Make a note of how long you’ve been a Windstream customer, and calculate how much you’ve spent on the service over the years. Be prepared to quote this figure when you speak to Customer Service.

You should also do your research on other options in your area. Windstream does have a monopoly in many parts of the country, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are your only option for internet service. Later on in this article, we’ll talk about satellite internet and LTE, which are alternatives to a home broadband connection. Take detailed notes on the options available in your area and be prepared to tell the customer service rep about those options.

Once you dial the phone, settle in and get ready for a wait; Windstream’s customer service is notorious for being slow. We suggest using a hands-free headset to make the call. That way, you’ll at least have your hands free to take care of household tasks while you’re on hold with Customer Service.

How to negotiate with Windstream to save on Internet over the Phone

No matter what, you should be polite and calm when calling Windstream. Remember, the person you’re talking to didn’t cause your problem. They’re a customer service representative who probably listens to angry people all day. They deserve your respect and patience. Besides, you have a better shot at being offered a good deal if you are friendly, understanding, and clear.

Don’t Try a Cutthroat Approach to Negotiating with Windstream

Every company is different. Some companies respond well to a cutthroat, take-no-prisoners style of negotiation. With some companies, if you call and say that you’re ending your contract and switching to another provider, the company will start to woo you. They will offer you a lower rate to try and get you to stay with them. However, if you try that with Windstream, the customer service representative will probably not be able to do what you want. That’s why I do not recommend calling up Windstream and telling them that you’re switching to another service provider. That tactic isn’t likely to succeed. I have some other ideas you should try first.

Ask for an Upgrade

Once you get connected to Customer Service, make your point as simply and clearly as possible. Tell them that you are unhappy with Windstream and that you’re looking for a better deal. Tell them that you’d like to upgrade and ask them if they have a good deal to offer you. Make that point again and again, if necessary. You were happy with Windstream in the past, but now you aren’t. You’d like to stay with Windstream but you need a better deal.

Remember, asking for an upgrade doesn’t mean that you’re offering to pay more. You want to pay less, not more. You also want to improve your service. Chances are that if you’ve got Windstream, you’re not thrilled with your internet speed and reliability. That’s something that an upgrade might be able to fix. Windstream customers have reported that they’ve had decent luck with customer service when they ask for an upgrade. If you can manage to combine a service upgrade with a promotional offer, you’re in luck.

This is why you need to remind them what a great customer you are. Talk about how you always pay your bill on time, every month. Tell them that you’ve been a loyal customer for many years. Remind them that they don’t want to lose you. Be prepared to tell the customer service rep how many years you’ve used Windstream. Tell them how much money you’re paying per year, and how much you’ve paid over the years. Remind them of what a valuable customer you are.

They may offer you another deal on Windstream internet right away. If you’re happy with the new deal, great! Accept it, and go on your merry way. Give yourself a pat on the pack for negotiating a great new deal.

Be Prepared to Negotiate Next Year Too

Internet companies usually offer their customers a low rate for one year. Once that year is up, the rate goes up too.

That means that even if you call Windstream and negotiate a lower rate, you’ll probably have to do the same thing all over again next year, when your rate suddenly skyrockets again.

But the good news is, you can use the exact same tactics every single year. And the entire phone call probably won’t take more than about 15 minutes once you get through to a representative. Considering it could save you hundreds of dollars a year, we’d say it’s worth it.

What if negotiating with windstream doesn’t work?

Windstream is notoriously difficult to negotiate with.

But don’t worry. If negotiating doesn’t work for you, you don’t need to give up hope. When this happens, there is one more trick you can try.

Look Into Satellite Internet

Windstream doesn’t face a lot of competition from other cable companies and internet service providers. But there are other ways to get internet. Some former Windstream customers are now very happily using satellite internet services. HughesNet is popular with some former Windstream customers. Other customers have turned to Viasat (formerly Exede), another satellite internet provider.

A word of warning: satellite internet is typically much slower than cable. This is going to be a problem for gamers or people who do a ton of streaming. But customers say that while slower speeds can be frustrating, satellite service is generally more reliable. In other words, the satellite providers are slow and steady, without the kind of outages that Windstream customers often complain about.

Try an LTE Connection

Some Windstream customers have canceled their service and replaced it with an LTE connection. Which company you go with depends on what part of the country you’re in. Some customers say they’ve successfully replaced Windstream with an AT&T wireless card. Other people have turned to Verizon or Sprint hotspots.

The point is, Windstream is not your only option for internet. Keep that in mind as you call them to try and negotiate your bill. If you successfully negotiate to get a lower rate, terrific. But even if the negotiation doesn’t work, remember that you have other options at your fingertips. Knowing that should make you a stronger, more confident negotiator.

Go Ahead and Lower Your Windstream Bill Now

There are a few tried-and-true tactics for lowering the cost of your internet bill if you’re a Windstream customer. But none of these tactics will work until you actually try them. The first step is to pick up the phone and dial.

Go ahead and give it a try. You might be amazed at the results!

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