Forums have been abuzz with the latest murmurs of Spectrum raising their prices for their TV and Internet services on October 1st. Sources are reporting, based on disclaimers sent to existing Spectrum customers, that Spectrum’s Standard Internet will rise to $69.99/mo from $65.99/mo. Corresponding increases are being reported across other Spectrum packages, with increases in the base rates of plans along with price hikes for associated fees (e.g. the Broadcast TV surcharge will be $13.50/mo from October 6, 2019, up from $11.99/mo)[1].

As shocking as this may appear at first glance, October and November is a typical time for Spectrum, along with other ISPs, to raise their prices as they look to recoup investment in increasingly faster internet services.

The High Speed Experts team collects price and package data every month for all internet service providers across the United States. Our analytics team crunched the numbers to determine the costs of internet across a range of attributes including technologies, speeds, data limits, and bundled services.

For the purposes of this study, and to facilitate an ease of comparison, our team sourced the pricing data for Spectrum base packages for Internet Only, TV + Internet, and TV + Internet + Voice services from September 2015, before the Charter, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks merger, through October 2019.

How do Spectrum prices compare to Comcast and Verizon?

When considering these anticipated price hikes for October, especially for Spectrum’s basic internet of 100 mbps download/10 mbps to $69.99/mo, is how do they compare to other ISPs. Our data team discovered, in spite of these price hikes, Spectrum’s Internet-Only packages are still priced significantly cheaper than other major providers.

Verizon Fios, for example, delivers a 100 mbps download/100 mbps upload internet service priced at $116.99/mo. The same is true for Verizon’s base TV + Internet package at $171.83/mo and their Internet + TV + Voice Triple Play option at $203.68/mo.

Xfinity by Comcast is also more expensive for Internet-Only packages at $87.95/mo, and marginally more so for Triple Play at $155.67/mo. It is worth nothing that Comcast’s Internet + TV is cheaper although they are more unreliable than Spectrum when it comes to actual speeds vs. advertised speeds according to the FCC.

ProviderInternet-Only ($) (100 mbps)Internet + TV ($) (100 mbps)Internet + TV + Voice ($) (100 mbps)
Xfinity by Comcast87.95128.24155.67
Verizon Fios116.99171.83203.68

Spectrum Historical Price Charts

The charts below show Spectrum price changes for Internet-only, Internet +TV and Internet, TV & Phone since 2015.

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet + TV

Spectrum Triple Play

Spectrum Plans – Tabulated Price Data

Below you will find the data, previously presented in graph format, in a table across Spectrum Internet, TV + Internet, and TV + Internet + Voice plans.

DateInternet-Only ($)Internet + TV ($)Internet + TV + Voice ($)
September 201559.99111.98141.97
January 201659.99113.98143.97
September 201659.99113.98148.97
October 201659.99118.98148.97
November 201664.99118.98148.97
April 201864.99129.98179.97
May 201864.99129.98185.97
July 201864.99129.98179.97
November 201865.99139.98149.97
September 201965.99139.98149.97
October 2019 (expected)69.99149.48159.47

Why Spectrum raises prices

It is worth noting that in addition to raising prices, Spectrum has also increased speeds. Many former Time Warner Cable consumers reported that, as a result of the merger, their speeds automatically doubled from 50 mbps download/10 mbps upload to 100 mbps download/10 mbps upload.

In addition, Spectrum imposes no data caps which is an increasing strain to their network as consumers continue to use up more and more data, along with an increase in the number of connected devices in American households that also use more bandwidth[2]. Those faster speeds and unlimited data come at a cost – investment in better infrastructure which doesn’t come cheap.

Negotiating with Spectrum | Combating the Price Hikes

Needless to say, Spectrum raising their prices, as is common for many ISPs, is inconvenient for us as consumers. Nevertheless there is something you can do about it. Arming yourself with the latest information on Spectrum deals and promotions, it is worth calling Spectrum to negotiate a lower monthly price for your internet service.

Focus on your history of making regular, on-time monthly payments and your on-going customer loyalty. The Spectrum representatives on the other end of the phone are people too – make your case firmly yet politely and you may be able to score a sweet deal on your internet. Remember: Spectrum would rather you stay with them on a lower rate, than lose your business altogether.

References and Footnotes

  1. Prices and Service Availability may vary, depending on your location

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