Thanks to network expansion and increased competition in some of their service areas, now is a good time to be shopping for WOW! deals, especially when it comes to their internet plans.

As of this post, WOW! was in the top ten providers for Netflix performance. [1] They are also one of the only internet providers in the midwest and northeast regions that offer truly “unlimited” service with no data caps or overage fees.

We’ve done the research to figure out which plan has the best value for internet-only customers, as well as which bundled TV/internet/phone plan makes the most sense for family homes that need a mix of services.

Best Overall Value WOW! Deals

Full List of WOW! Internet, TV, and Phone Plans

WOW! keeps things pretty simple with their bundled plans, and recently has been pushing customers to move away from the basic cable TV plans and towards their more interactive WOW ULTRA “smart TV” experience. WOW ULTRA integrates directly with Netflix and also provides a clear interface for managing your home Wi-Fi from the same box. It’s often compared to the Apple TV, although in functionality and appearance it’s more similar to the Xfinity X1 Entertainment Platform. (I’ll jump into more details on WOW ULTRA below.)

DealsPrice MonthlyInternet SpeedPhone
200 Mbps $4999 200 Mbps Cable(877) 278-7712
1,000 Mbps $7999 1,000 Mbps Cable(877) 278-7712
500 Mbps $5999 500 Mbps Cable(877) 278-7712
100 Mbps $4499 100 Mbps Cable(877) 278-7712

Is WOW! The Best Option In My Area?

WOW! makes the most sense for cord cutters and “techie” power users. Their TV service is solid overall, but the fiber-coaxial download speeds are what’s really special about them as a provider. Most customers have access to fiber-based speeds in the 100 Mbps range, which is more than fast enough to support a busy household with 3–6 users who all want to stream content, video chat, and etc.

WOW!’s complete channel listings vary depending on your service area. (Local TV listings can be accessed at their website.) If the rundown doesn’t quite cover everything you’re looking for, satellite providers like DirecTV or DISH TV can provide more channel variety and HD channels.

Aside from NFL Sunday Ticket, WOW!’s TV options are very similar to DirecTV, although they get a bit pricier for the premium catch-all package. All the premium options you would expect like HBO, NFL Network, and Viceland are present and accounted for.


  • Unlimited streaming
  • Interactive TV platform
  • Local customer service


  • Limited service area
  • Slim channel count on basic TV package

Should I Get Internet-Only or Bundle In TV as well?

WOW! Internet plans

Standalone Wow! internet service plans usually offer the fastest speed for the price in their area. The prices on basic plans in the 10 Mbps range are surprisingly low, especially compared to what you see from other cable providers. (Base prices in the $60 range are, unfortunately, the norm in many areas.)

That being said, we generally recommend that customers spend a little more to get the top speed in their area, since the difference in price isn’t that big for a 10x boost in service quality. It’s a noticeable difference, especially for streaming HD video.

The budget Internet-only plans really only make sense if you are getting your TV from a separate, dedicated TV service such as WOW! ULTRA or DirecTV. Streaming services like Sling or Netflix that depend on your Internet connection can be challenging plans below 10 Mbps.

WOW! double play Internet/TV plans

WOW! takes the Goldilocks approach on TV, offering small, medium, and large packages. Just as with Goldilocks, the “medium” package is usually the best value. The price tag on the large package can be hard to stomach if you aren’t a daily TV viewer, and the channel selection on the small package is surprisingly slim.

If it’s available in your area, the ULTRA TV platform they offer is a solid value, and we’ve noticed they frequently include limited-time add-ons such as free months on Hulu.

WOW! triple play Internet/TV/phone plans

WOW!’s landline service is pretty standard in terms of features, with the main perk being unlimited calling within the entire US (including territories like Guam and the Virgin Islands) as well as Canada.

Should I Get a Contract or Buy Month-To-Month?

Like many cable providers, WOW! offers two options when you sign up, regardless of plan. You can either:

  1. Pay a slightly higher price and cancel anytime
  2. Pay a slightly lower price but agree to subscribe for 1–2 years

The month-to-month option is recommended for renters, students, and anyone else who has a possibility of needing to move within a 1–2 year period.

The contract plans have the best price if you’re willing to stay put and keep the same service, but keep in mind that they come with a maximum $345 fee if you cancel before the end of the contract.

Either way, WOW! generally offers 30-day satisfaction guarantees on their service, so be sure to address any issues with performance or service quality with their technical support before that period ends.

WOW! Customer Service Record

Customer service has long been a key differentiator for WOW! when compared to other major cable or DSL providers. With most providers, calling their help line results in an endless labyrinth of keypad prerequisites before you eventually wind up talking to someone in India who likely doesn’t have much experience with your specific area.

When you call WOW!, on the other hand, you get quickly redirected to representatives in the city your service is in, who generally are friendly and have a strong understanding of network issues in your area.

WOW! Ultra is the company’s answer to the streaming generation, integrating directly with Netflix and other streaming providers.

Should I Get WOW! ULTRA or Cut the Cord?

WOW! ULTRA integrates directly with Netflix and other streaming services, as well as pulling in premium cable channels like the NFL Network and HBO. If you find yourself switching back and forth between traditional cable and streaming a lot, then ULTRA is a good value.

If you really only watch one or two channels on cable, you might be happier just subscribing to them directly if those channels offer standalone subscriptions. TV bingers usually opt for a separate TV-specific provider like DirecTV, but the ULTRA is usually cheaper since it bundles in so many services into one bill.

WOW! Cable DVR Options

WOW! only offers a single DVR option, and it’s a bit light on features compared to other cable providers. The included system allows for 75 hours of SD video recording time, totaling 100 GB worth of storage space or only 10 hours of HD video.

This isn’t nearly enough for the average household, but thankfully the device offers a USB port for plugging in an external hard drive (it’s insane that some other companies don’t do this!).

They bill the product as a “whole-home” DVR, providing six tuners for simultaneous watching and recording. It features a slew of standard smart controls, including pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding through shows. In addition, the ULTRA app for Android and iOS devices allows you to manage your DVR recordings.

The main drawback of WOW!’s DVR is that unlike other services, it does not include the ability to watch your recordings (or live TV).

The main “pro” is that the price is rolled into the main fee for cable TV. As you can see in the comparison with Xfinity and Cox below, WOW! falls short on performance but doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Renting a DVR from Xfinity, for example, can cost as much as $220+ a year. With WOW!, it’s free — you’ll just probably need to buy an external hard drive from Amazon/Best Buy/Etc to maximize your storage capacity.

DVRStorageTunersLease (May Vary)
Whole-Home DVR (WOW!)10 hrs HD (expandable)6Included
X1 DVR (Comcast XFINITY)200 hrs HD6~$9.95–19.95/mo.
2 HD-DVR (Cox)200 hrs HD2~$21.49/mo.
WOW! offers several different rental routers to choose from, usually ranging in price from $10-$25 monthly. Image source: Pixabay

WOW! Internet Service Setup Guide

As mentioned above, WOW! has recently started to offer free in-home installation with a number of their bundled plans. Install fees have traditionally run anywhere from $20-$50 under normal circumstances, so this is a nice little perk to take advantage of, if it’s available to you. Unfortunately, these WOW! promotions tend to vary heavily by location, so you may be stuck paying an installation fee depending on where you call home. Currently, no self-installation options are available.

Once you sign up for service, the company will schedule an installation date for you. It’s usually a good idea to call a few weeks in advance of when you want your service set up, especially if you are moving to a new house or apartment. A few of our readers have noted wait times of several weeks at various times of the year, and the last thing you want is to go without internet at your new place.

The company will send someone out to set up your new rental router, but it’s important to note that in many cases, you can opt to use one you already have. Just keep in mind that not all modems and routers will be compatible with WOW!’s internet service.

Conclusion: WOW! Deals Are a Strong Value for Cord Cutters

WOW!’s unlimited streaming and industry-leading download speeds make it a strong contender for those of us who prefer to stream content online rather than subscribe to paid TV.

While most cable providers are trying to pressure customers into cable plans with sneaky pricing strategies and restrictive Internet-only options, WOW! is embracing the trend and updating their service to reflect what customers actually want.

Between that and the local customer service that picks up the phone when you have issues, WOW! is tough to beat within their service areas. If your only other option is DSL, it’s almost certainly the better pick for your home Wi-Fi needs.

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