Comcast Xfinity takes advantage of their extensive cable network to deliver some of the fastest and most affordable Internet plans in the US. They also offer phone, TV, and wireless service.

Xfinity is fighting for market share in the post-Netflix world by offering bundled TV/Internet plans. These “double play” deals offer hundreds of channels (more than 260 on top-tier plans) and advanced digital services at extremely low costs.

Additionally, Xfinity’s X1 digital entertainment platform is winning rave reviews for combining on-demand programming, streaming services, and 163,000+ on-demand titles in addition to basic cable and DVR functionality.

Top Xfinity Deals

All Current Xfinity Deals

Below are all of the current XFINITY deals that our team has collected. More may be available on their website or by calling XFINITY directly.

DealsPrice MonthlyInternet SpeedPhone
Performance Starter Internet $4995 15 Mbps Cable(877) 960-2406
Performance Internet $7795 100 Mbps Cable(877) 960-2406
Gigabit $7999 1,000 Mbps Cable(877) 960-2406
Blast!® Internet $5999 300 Mbps Cable(877) 960-2406
Extreme Pro Internet $6999 600 Mbps Cable(877) 960-2406
Gigabit Pro $29995 2,000 Mbps Fiber(877) 960-2406

When is an Xfinity Internet plan the best deal?

Xfinity is usually the best option for home Internet and TV in areas where FTTH (Fiber to the Home) service like FiOS isn’t available. Xfinity almost always beats traditional DSL in terms of speed and reliability.


  • High download speeds, with averages well over 100 Mbps
  • Quick installation and third-party router support
  • Customizable TV packages


  • Limited upload speeds on most residential plans
  • Mixed customer service reviews
  • Data caps on residential plans

Xfinity Reputation

Comcast Xfinity has a bad rap in the home Internet and TV market. However, standards of service and average speeds have improved since the “Xfinity” rebrand. [1]

The company has also been crafting clever streaming services rather than “doubling down” on traditional cable TV, which bodes well for a streaming-friendly future.

The situation isn’t perfect, but thanks to limited competition in the US broadband marketplace Xfinity is often the best option for home Internet and TV.

Are Xfinity Bundles A Strong Value?

Xfinity’s bundle deal plans are a great value if you fall into any of these categories:

  • Daily TV watcher
  • Sports fan
  • Need a reliable landline phone

We would encourage you to explore alternative providers in your area if you don’t watch TV or are shopping purely based on price. Streamers, gamers, and other “power users” reliant on above-average upload speeds should check the pricing and availability on fiber in your area.

Xfinity’s biggest drawback: Data Caps

Data caps have emerged as a hot topic among Internet users, particularly since they can make it more problematic to use streaming services instead of cable TV plans. Xfinity currently caps all plans at 1 Terabyte per month, with additional data added at a price of $10/50GB. [2]

As of 2016 the average monthly usage of Xfinity customers was only 88 GB. [3] According to Xfinity’s public statistics, 99% of customers use less than a terabyte each month. This means that the data caps don’t matter for most customers.

However, with data usage among Americans trending upwards every year and bandwidth-hog technologies like 4K screens and smart home tech entering the market, it’s likely that it could become an issue sometime in the next few years. [4]

How to Compare Xfinity Deals

What Xfinity lacks in data flexibility, they make up for with practical common-sense plan pricing. However, many customers don’t bother to read the fine print and wind up signing on for plans they don’t understand.

Sales reps for Xfinity aren’t always the most knowledgeable when it comes to hidden fees and home network considerations.

Here are a couple tips to keep in mind while you compare plans:

Tip #1: Watch out for “Promo Pricing”

Internet providers make a living by connecting your home to the Internet. Every time they have to send a technician to install service for a new resident, it costs them money. For that reason, customers who are willing to commit to using Xfinity for 1+ years are much more valuable to them than month-to-month accounts.

As you might expect, they are willing to provide service at a much lower monthly price if you sign a 1–2 year agreement. They’ll even use limited-time “promotional pricing” to entice new customers.

The problem comes when that limited-trim promo pricing runs out, and the customer is stuck in a 2-year contract with 50% higher bills than they expected. Luckily, the solution here is simple:

  1. Calculate the average cost of the “promo price” and “final price” on your plan when you are comparing options. Don’t judge the plan simply based on the sign-up cost.
  2. When the bill increases, call the provider and request a reduction. Xfinity does a good job at customer retention and is often willing to work with you if you pay your bills on time and ask politely.

Tip #2: Equipment Rentals

Xfinity plans come with a standard “gateway” unit that combines a modem and router into one plug-and-play piece of hardware. At $10/month, this little black box is costing you $120/year, and a whopping $240 annually on a 2–year contract.

The solution? Buy your own modem and router from a third party. Amazon, Best Buy, and your local retail establishments should have dozens of modem and router options compatible with Xfinity.

We suggest getting a separate modem and router rather than a combo device so you can easily upgrade the router in the future without paying for both.

Where Xfinity Offers the Most Value: Bundle Deals and X1 TV

The Xfinity “X1” smart TV system is the latest product Xfinity has come up with. It’s essentially a smart DVR that offers an on-demand library and integrates with Netflix and other systems, similar to a Roku.

No matter where you get your TV, you’re probably paying for it. Xfinity’s Internet-only service is a decent option for “cord cutters” who use Netflix instead of cable, but they’ve been upping the ante lately with low-cost TV options that compete with streaming services.

For casual watchers who only watch a couple shows once in a while, cutting the cord from cable entirely is probably a time and money saver.

For daily watchers and sports fans, we recommend upgrading to Xfinity X1 service.

Xfinity is angling for their own share of the over-the-top streaming market, and their X1 platform [5] is the latest incarnation of that quest. It’s essentially a DVR or “set top box” on steroids, offering on-demand content, DVR capability, Netflix integration, and voice control.

Xfinity Double-Play and Triple-Play packages both include the option to upgrade to the X1 DVR, which provides 500 GB of internal storage space for movies and TV. The device allows for you to record up to six shows at once, and costs $9.95 per month. Non-HD service members can also upgrade to the device for $19.95 per month.

Like many other services, Xfinity offers a smart mobile app that allows you to stream your entire DVR contents to any Android or iOS device. The X1 itself also features robust voice controls to help you find what you want to watch.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how Xfinity’s X1 DVR compares to common options from their main competitors for TV service:

ProviderStandard DVRHD Storage HoursMaximum Streams
Comcast XfinityX160 hours6
Charter SpectrumMotorola DVR21 hours2
DirecTVGenie200 hours5

Conclusion: Xfinity is hard to beat for Internet/TV bundles

Xfinity is the fastest and most affordable game in town for much of the country.

While their upload speeds and customer service get mixed marks, the overall service provides reliable speeds at a bargain value compared to DSL and wireless in most cases.

If you need high-speed Internet and have a TV habit, Xfinity likely offers the best value.


Jessica Sims

Jessica Sims

Jessica Sims is a technology blogger and broadband industry veteran. Her background as an administrator and customer support employee for a major ISP informs her passion for helping consumers understand their service options.

Questions & Answers


I'm an existing Xfinity customer and would like to upgrade to a triple play plan. How can I get the best possible deal?

Internet service providers typically offer promotions and special deals to new customers only. However, there are a few things you can try to lower your bill. Follow the steps on our How to Negotiate Your Internet and TV Bill to get the best deal possible.

Can I get an Xfinity bundle with phone but keep my existing phone number?

Yes, all voice service providers are required by law to offer customers the option to keep their existing phone when switching service. If you sign up for an Xfinity bundle with phone, you will be asked during the enrollment process whether you’ll want to a new phone number or port your existing one.

Can I have multiple Xfinity DVR boxes in my home?

It is possible to have multiple Xfinity DVR boxes on select markets. The Xfinity X1 AnyRoom DVR allows you to record up to six shows simultaneously and you can use multiple X1 DVRs to record even more. The X1 AnyRoom DVR allows you to see your recorded shows in any DVR box you have set up. Contact Xfinity support to know if X1 AnyRoom DVR is available for your account.

Does Xfinity have an international sports fee?

Xfinity has no international sports fee, only regional. However, if the channels you want to see are not included in the sports package you have, you’ll have to pay an additional fee to have access to those channels.

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