Our Mission

Our mission at High Speed Experts is to empower consumers by open-sourcing information about tech services.

In spite of how central Internet tools have become to our lives, finding information about services like business connectivity, SD-WAN, and VPNs can be surprisingly difficult.

High Speed Experts was built to connect consumers who are confused about digital services with tech industry experts who can answer their questions.

Who are the Experts?

The subject-area experts featured on High Speed Experts are industry professionals, contracted as consultants to share their insights and advice.

While most tech-advice sources rely on low-quality information written by professional marketers, our guides are written through collaboration with professional technologists at the top of their fields.

Our Team

High Speed Experts is maintained by a small team of techies powered by our belief that providing clear information is one of the best ways to empower consumers.

We firmly believe that digital connectivity is one of the most important tools in modern life. Our mission is to make those tools and services as accessible and clear as possible for the average consumer — not just the “insiders” who know how to use them.