These printable cybersecurity guides are designed to help older family members keep their personal information safe and secure when using the internet.

Each sheet covers an essential cybersecurity topic like password management, avoiding email scams, and more. They are meant to be kept near a computer or taped to the wall for easy reference.


Cybersecurity Essentials

This guide covers the top 10 tips everyone should know for keeping their information safe on the web.

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Essential Guide to Digital Theft

This guide covers the most common digital scams, so you can easily recognize and avoid them in the future.

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Tech Support Essentials

This guide covers the top 3 most common tech support questions parents and grandparents ask their children.

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Printable Cybersecurity Guides: the Story

Hacks and digital theft cost US citizens more than $1.4 Billion in the last year. Seniors aged 60+ are the most vulnerable group, accounting for a quarter of financial losses. [1]

I was inspired to create these printable guides after my grandmother was targeted by an email scammer impersonating her grandchildren to steal her bank information.

Luckily, she didn’t fall for it this time. But when I asked her about changing her passwords, she mentioned that she used the same password for all her accounts. This obviously wasn’t very safe, but she struggled to remember everything I told her about setting strong passwords, how to tell when pop-ups are malicious, and etc.

These sheets were originally printed emails that I sent my grandmother to help her avoid scams like the email one she almost fell for. She wanted to share them with her friends, so I partnered with a designer to make the text larger and easier to read for people who are farsighted or colorblind.

Now we’re making these guides freely available at HighSpeedExperts to help reduce cybercrime in 2019. Don’t let your family members be a victim in the new year — share these printable guides and help them set up better security.