High Speed Experts Privacy Policy

Privacy is among our central values, and we always strive to protect and respect visitors’ information. Data collected about visitors to HighSpeedExperts.com is stored and transmitted as securely as possible and used for standard purposes common among public, free web services.

Does this site use cookies?

Yes, High Speed Experts uses “cookies” to save and serve relevant information for you and “remember” you when you return to the site. Cookies are standard practice among free and public websites. If you disagree with their use you can disable cookies across all websites using your browser settings. We also may use Google Analytics cookies — you are free to opt out of Google Analytics cookies at this link.

Do you monitor or gather visitor data?

Data gathered about visitors to High Speed Experts includes standard categories such as IP addresses. We also collect personal information such as phone numbers, name, email, and other information provided directly by visitors if they call or link to the website of a company listed on High Speed Experts. “Do not track” privacy settings in browsers will not necessarily affect the data we collect, so visitors who wish to remain fully anonymous may do so via a secure channel such as a VPN, or simply use another website.

What do you do with visitor data?

Data collected is primarily used to understand how we can improve High Speed Experts to be more useful to visitors like yourself. Data may also be used for advertising on third-party platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and etc.

Do third parties have access to visitor data?

In some cases, visitor data is shared with third-party services, such as advertising companies or providers contacted through our listings. Data is also released in cases of legal necessity, such as a court order.

What happens to visitor data if High Speed Experts is acquired?

Visitor data such as IP addresses and on-site behavior tracked via cookies is considered an asset in the case of the website being acquired by another company.

Are there any restrictions on the data you collect?

High Speed Experts does not collect data from or monitor anyone aged under 13 years. Furthermore, this site is not intended for use by or marketed to users under 13 years of age.

Legal Queries

If you need further information or need to contact High Speed Experts for any reason involving privacy, security, and legality, please do so via our contact page.